Jayne, Arwen
An Open Connection of the Heart
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He might be intelligent and well liked but life hasnâ²t gone the way Callan planned. A job that pays rather than the career he desired. His private life hasnâ²t been what he planned for either. A moment in time brings him face to face with a decision, to continue on as he has or go boldly into a dangerous unknown but enticing future filled with possibilities. His best friend Harry faces decisions of his own, complicated when his sister Sam turns up on his doorstep in tears. Meanwhile on Mars sophisticated androids, some addicted to Earth TV, guard an ancient species thats sleep in the catacombs below. Not far away an old enemy mines for wealth on what had seemed like a dead planet. Except the planet is coming to life. A secret alliance of the sentient species who inhabit Earth know it's only time before things come to a head so they hatch a plan to intervene, sending some of Earthâ²s best and brightest to help with Marsâ² rebirthing aka planetary re-engineering, process.

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Jayne, Arwen:
An Open Connection of the Heart : Smashwords, 2017
ISBN 978-1-370-14636-9

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